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About Bar Double J's Cattle

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Genetic Info

Family owned and operated commercial cattle operation breeding F1 Black Baldies and increase heterosis with adding semi angus replacement heifers into the herd. Quality is key to this breeding program and we do that by culling our females annually for performance, milking ability, fertility and calving ease.

Nutritional Guidelines

Our cattle herd are on a all Natural grass fed program throughout the year with being supplemented high quality alfalfa in the winter.


Our breeding operation is a F1 base cow herd bred to moderate frame Sim/Angus bulls to produce quality repalcement heifers. We go for a 17/1 cow/bull live cover ratio on a 90 day breed period with a strict no breed cull policy.With calving in early March brings for shorter time to get the pairs back on grass to be cyclying and ready to breed again in June.

Where To Buy

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Address: 2722 S County Rd 173 Byers, CO 80103

Email: Bardoublejcattle@gmail.com

Phone Number: 303-877-9142